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Looking for support to bring your research results to the market?

Funding to access mentoring programs and personalized advice

Mentoring and support for our members in transfer and valorization

Do you want to transfer your knowledge or research results to the market and society? Do you need support to protect the developed solution?

The Programs, endowed with a total budget of €60,000, are the mechanism available to the Network to finance mentoring, professional advice and personalized follow-up for all member research groups that request it.

*You can receive support in: regulatory and legal matters, market analysis, business models, strategies to enter the market, technological feasibility and scalability studies, and much more depending on your objectives and needs in terms of transfer and valorization.

Exclusively for Network members. THE SECOND EDITION OF THE PROGRAMS IS NOW OPEN!

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2nd Edition

Are you a member of the Network and have a research project that needs expert advice to move forward? Now you have a way to do it: the 2nd edition of the programs.

The Valorization & Tech Transfer Program, endowed with an allocation of €30,000, offers training, mentoring and personalized advice from top-level consulting agencies to the member groups of the Network who request it. With this initiative, the Network wants to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and the results derived from mental health research in the market and people.

OPEN CALL UNTIL NOVEMBER 30! We have established three cut-off points: July 31, September 30 and November 30.

1st Edition

The 1st edition of the Programs gave support to 10 member groups of the Network with training and personalized advice to push and bring 13 projects and research results closer to the market.

In this first edition, the Network launched two types of programs: the Transfer Program, to identify and transfer knowledge and research results, and the Intellectual Property Program, aimed at protecting the knowledge and solutions developed by the member groups.

Didn't you sign up? The II edition of the Programs is now OPEN!

Success stories

sAPPtisfacció: app to assess home hospitalization satisfaction in mental health

Business model and strategy consultancy helped this app to further develop a new version and establish partnerships with interested companies

Patent study for biocompatible extracellular vesicles

Participation in the Programs sped up patentability studies and the intellectual protection pathway to further develop the solution

Database of unitary costs: service required for health economics and cost-effectiveness studies

Business model development mentoring allowed to assess technology needs and bring it closer to the market

Telerehabilitation for neuromuscular diseases

Bringing this solution one step further with training and consultancy in business model and intellectual protection

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