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Disruptive solutions from mental health research

Disruptive solutions from mental health research

Take a look at some of the science-based solutions developed by our members.

Thematic areas


Mental health promotion & prevention


Promotion of mental health among university students through e-health technologies
IP: Jordi Alonso
G20. Health Services Research Group
Technological Projects

AI/Machine-Deep learning

General mental health


Detection of activity patterns in daily life that can lead to health disorders by organising information from different sources (e.g. wearables)
IP: Josep Lluis Arcos
G.11 Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
Clinical Projects


Affective disorders


A collaborative digital platform that improves users' health through contact with surrounding activities and citizens
IP: Maite Garolera
G17. Brain, Cognition and behavior: Clinical Research
Clinical Projects


Attention deficit & hyperactivity


Risk stratification and treatments of adult patients with ADHD affected by cardiomyopathic disease through machine learning
IP: Josep Antoni Ramos Quiroga
G13. Psychiatry, Mental Health and Addictions

AI/Machine-Deep learning

General mental health


Digital platform that optimizes the management and monitoring of people with depressive symptoms and anxiety in primary care
IP: Eduard Vieta
G24. Bipolar and Depressive Disorders Group
Clinical Projects


General mental health

Database of unitary costs

Database of health care service's tariffs and unitary costs required for health economics studies, as well as cost-effectiveness studies required to launch new products to the market
IP: Antoni Serrano Blanco
G3. Health Technology Assessment in Primary Care and Mental Health (PRISMA)


General mental health

Neuroimage techniques

Application of digital technologies to carry out studies and analysis of neurological images
IP: Jose Manuel Menchón
G27. Psychiatry and Mental Health Group

AI/Machine-Deep learning

Mental health promotion & prevention

Digital Phenotyping

Digital Phenotyping for the early detection of mental health problems
IP: Agata Lapedriza Garcia
G33. Artificial Intelligence for Human Well-being (AIWELL)


Schizophrenia/Psychotic disorder


Applied Pharmacogenetics to Predict Response to Treatment of First Psychotic Episode
IP: Miquel Bernardo Arroyo
G26. Clinical Schizophrenia Group (GEC)

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